Lana Chapel became a professional singer/songwriter/performer at the age of 11, with her first songs published by major Nashville publishers: Owen Bradley and by Tree Music. She had songs published by 4 Star Music at age 14, and was a staff songwriter with Vintage Music, Combine Music, 4 Star Music, Frank & Nancy Music, First Lady Music, Richey Music Group, and MetroCountry Music. Her songs have been recorded by: Eddy Arnold, Henson Cargill, Tompall Glaser, Lee Hazelwood, Lester Flatt, Nancy Sinatra and various other new and Independent artists. Lana was a recording artist for Monument Records, Dot Records and Mega Records throughout her teens and early 20’s. She was produced and managed by Bob Tubert, Fred Foster, Bergen White, Dennis Linde, and Kris Kristofferson. As a young girl Lana dreamed of creating stories in more than just songs. She is self-taught in all her skills and is also a scriptwriter, poet, Illustrator, narrator, musician, ventriloquist, and has recently made her debut as a childrens’ book author. She does all the illustrations, songs and music to accompany her books. This has led her to working for other authors with their own songs to accompany their books–such as the reknowned author, documentary producer, Civil Rights Activist, and songwriter Dr. Georgianne Thomas… “Recording Dr. Georgianne’s lovely song, “It’s A New Day“, was such an honor! One of the most prestigious events in my career..She is an icon and a marvelous writer!”, says Lana of their new collaberation. For more history and information about Lana visit her website: and Lana Chapel on FaceBook, and YouTube.

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