Beauty of purpose, Beauty of the heart, Beauty of the mind and body.




Alvelyn J. Sanders is at the helm of Georgianne’s Skin Treats, apparel and body care company founded by her mother, Dr. Georgianne Thomas. Alvelyn, a graduate of Northwestern University, sees leading the company as a natural progression from the close relationship she shares with her mother, with whom she has partnered on many projects. Georgianne has always shared her lifelong passion for fashion and skin care with Alvelyn, teaching her daughter that true beauty comes from confident, personal style and a kind heart.

“I never attended any major college social event without calling home to get advice on what I should wear!,” recalls Alvelyn. “Even as a full-fledged adult, I have been known to call my mother from the dressing room to describe the color, shape, and fabric of an outfit before I buy it! I always say that my mother is my personal stylist. She has a gift.”

Georgianne worked in the beauty and hair care industry as a sideline pursuit in the 1960’s and 1970’s while she taught French in the public school system in Georgia. Now many years and career pursuits later, Georgianne has launched a company that embodies her passions. Alvelyn shares, “When I was a little girl, I remember my mother showing some Vitamin E capsules to me and describing how she punctured them so that she could smooth the gel right on her skin with a warm spoon. It seemed bizarre at the time! But it says something about my mother’s longtime commitment to quality care. Now I have the chance to guide a company that will cater to people just as dedicated to superior apparel and body care as my mother has always been.”

Alvelyn has an extensive background in communications, working professionally in broadcast journalism, film, public relations, and print. Her writing has appeared in “Essence” magazine, “The Atlanta Journal-Constitution” newspaper, and “Northwestern” (University) magazine. She worked for many years as a reporter for Atlanta’s National Public Radio (NPR) station. Alvelyn has received graduate degrees from Clark Atlanta University and Emory University.