I am exhausted with death notices.  May God rest the souls of those who lost their lives due to Covid -19.  Such a sad commentary for people who were living with family, friends, jobs, careers, ambitions, dreams, loves of their lives, so forth and so-on.  I am exhausted with death notices of friends and Sorors dying from CANCER.  How am I suppose to heal, when friends continually share with me which member of their family died from CANCER.  Enough already!!!  I am doing the best I can to see a rainbow, smell the coffee, listen to the birds, and find my forever love. On Monday, February 15, I will be administered my second Covid-19 vaccination.  I heard the second day after receiving it, one may experience a myriad of reactions, including death.  How reassuring. God has my B-Plan.  I will just take it and see what He has for me.  BREAKING NEWS!!! Faith is what keeps me moving. Halleluah!!!  Okay!!  Had the vaccination. Only God.  I feel relieved it is over.  Praises. GET THE BOOK BY MY DAUGHTER:  LORD, HAVE MERCY ,  5 GO-TO PRAYERS WHEN YOU NEED TO PRAY, BUT DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY.   www.alvelyn.com I have received a series of steroid shots in my eye and have lived to tell you about it.  Light is now coming into the eye. YAAAAAAY!  I was advised I had a stroke in that eye some time ago.  Who knew??? Apparently not me!!!!  So, a third eye doctor,  cut the tear duct and drained it.  Two weeks later, she sewed it  back inside the eye. Lord!!!  Let’s not forget the issue of the cataract. Thank you angels. I stopped driving at night.  I was a LYFT driver. LOL LOL Last year this time, I was so nervous about my ONE WOMAN SHOW, 2.13.20.  Thank God it was a success in the beginning of an unforetold pandemic.  I am forever grateful to Dr. Catherine Meeks,  Director of the ABSALOM JONES EPISCOPAL CENTER FOR RACIAL HEALING, for providing a spiritual space for the event.  I am also grateful for Ms. Sandra Tarver, Staff Assistant for all her efforts that added to the overwhelming success of the show. See my ANNIVERSARY MESSAGE AT MY FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM SITES :



CHEMO.             UGH!!